About Your Family Session
Clothing should be simple. Bold patterns (stripes, florals, polka dots etc) are not recommended.
Each person's clothing should have the same color tones (i.e. dark colors with dark colors and light colors with light colors).
The style of each individual's clothing should be similar, casual or formal.
It is also very helpful and much less distracting if the colors are similar. (ex. All black shirts and blue jeans). Keep in mind that dark colors are slimming.
It is not a good idea to wear clothing with exaggerated necklines. Avoid clothing that hides your neck. Turtlenecks are not recommended. The most flattering is the "V" neckline.
If you plan to wear shoes, please make sure that they are all similar in color. Avoid white socks and white shoes if possible.
If you are concerned about glass glare, some optometrists may be willing to "loan" an empty set of frames for your session. Sometimes it is possible to pop out the lenses. Glass glare can be removed for an additional fee.
Keep jewelry simple.
A good night's sleep the night before is always recommended.
If anyone has any specific concerns or something I need to be made aware of before the portrait session, just let me know.
The night before your portrait, lay out all the clothes your family will be wearing and ask yourself if the clothes all blend or if there is something that just doesn't belong and is too distracting.
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